Art Show

Thank You 2018 #7 by VOCAL

We have finally reached the final day of our Top Moments of 2018 countdown - which brings us to Bloom: Open Space. On February 21st at Trafo House in Amsterdam, musician and artist Brian Eno and collaborator Peter Chilvers presented their work Bloom: Open Space, a groundbreaking generative audio-visual installation based upon their highly acclaimed, award winning app, Bloom…

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Thank You 2018 #5 by VOCAL

For day five, we’d like to shout-out our friends at SeeMe who had a very busy year. The schedule included SeeMe’s March 9th group exhibition in partnership with Public Arts which kicked-off Armory Art Week, their June collaboration with ChaShaMa on a party that marked the end of their Art Takes Times Square competition and their September event in partnership with Tribeca Art Night at The Untitled Space which culminated the competition Art Takes SoHo.

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