By Robert James

By Robert James by VOCAL

New York menswear house By Robert James has raised the bar in brand experience with a multi-channel retail and communications platform that envisions the future by embracing intimate customer connectedness. By Robert James draws heavily from community roots, living, producing and retailing in around New York City — furthering the involvement of customers and the public is a natural and strong step forward.

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Five Years, Three Stores, By Robert James by VOCAL

Robert James, designer, creative director and namesake of timeless menswear brand By Robert James, is proud to celebrate five years of successful clothing mastery and retail with the opening of its second Brooklyn storefront. Founded in 2008 and produced by hand in the Garment District, By Robert James benefits from the founder’s twenty years of industry experience. By Robert James focuses on simple and enduring menswear forms with the nuance of the modern age.

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