Movie Release

The Nagano Tapes Premieres in Montreal by VOCAL

Montreal friends! Join us next Wednesday evening, March 28th from 6pm-9pm at Cinéma Du Quartier Latin for an exclusive VIP screening event of The Nagano Tapes. The first feature-length documentary film by the Olympic Channel, The Nagano Tapes tells the inspiring true story of the still talked about game between Canada and the Czech's men’s ice hockey competition at the 1998 Nagano Games. Seating is limited, so please be sure to RSVP now and email #olympics #olympicchannel #thenaganotapes #hockey #canada #montreal #czechrepublic #VIP #exclusive #premiere #march #2018 #limited #panel #screening #wednesday #1998 #inspiring #competition #nagano #games

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The Nagano Tapes: Every Underdog has its Day by VOCAL

Even without an interest in sports, The Nagano Tapes documentary tells a rousing and riveting story that’s difficult to pause, and one that leaves the viewer imbued with the pride and hope the Czech Republic felt with their ice hockey victory at the 1998 Winter Olympics. For ice hockey fans, this is 110 minutes of intimate player commentary, never-before-seen footage and action-packed replays spotlighting one of the sports most iconic tournaments in its long history.

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The Motivation 2: The Chris Cole Story by VOCAL

Street skateboarding has evolved from a subculture into a legitimate sport, and with that has emerged very real physical and psychological struggles for the athletes. It was to gain an understanding and appreciation for the behind-the-scenes world that the Tribeca Film Festival favorite The Motivation was produced, following eight of the world’s top street skateboarders in the lead-up to the Street League world championship. In Motivation 2, Lough brings the lens closer to focus on a single champion: Chris Cole.

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