The VOCAL Times, Issue No.2

This second issue of The VOCAL Times continues alphabetically onto B, and B is for Blog – with the sad realization that the inspirer has become an influencer, and the immense difference that this presents as a touch point for creativity. 

In our brave new world where the brilliant few strive to be heard above the banal many, a finger can be pointed at the digital soapbox that thinks itself the vocal equal of a seasoned maven. Commentary dressed as insight fuels inspired delusion, contributing to a generation of entitled creatives lacking the experience of hustle that builds genuine authority.  

But B ain't for beef, and so we steer clear of the blog to take a look at a range of both digital and analog creatives that truly inspire and influence.




B is for Blog

Pawel Swanski

Montalbetti Campbell

Tricia Miranda

London Kaye

Tait Roelofs

Athleisure & the Age of Fitness

Stella Jean

Nimrod Shapira

Project Cobalt

Pantone Cafe

Everyone is a Photographer

Everyone is a DJ 

Everyone is a Blogger



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