Schaller & Weber


Nearly a century after opening its doors in 1937, Schaller & Weber remain New York’s very own masters of German charcuterie. As a family-run business, they are still dedicated to producing the same premium meats according to the same exact standards and time-honored recipes that originated in their Yorkville butcher shop. To enjoy Schaller & Weber meat goods today is to experience something increasingly rare in this worldthe tradition of taste.

To celebrate its long history, Schaller & Weber rebranded to include new packaging and products that compliment the company's timeless taste and story.  Newly released products include all natural Pâtés, Cervelats, Landjäger "The Outdoorsman's Survival Snack," and, after years of perfecting, the Bacon Cheddar Brat. Schaller & Weber is heralded as the first and only American sausage and meat producer to repeatedly win gold medals of honor at international exhibitions in Holland and Germany.