People Footwear


Taking the performance hallmarks of an athletic shoe into daily footwear, People have created shoes that envelope your feet and express a balance of support and freedom. Simplification can revolutionize existing staples in ways previously unimagined. And so it is with People Footwear, from design and production through to the freedom felt when wearing them. This is how shoes should feel.

VOCAL is leading the introduction of People Footwear to the US market. To keep building momentum and hype around the launch, VOCAL has continued to follow up with the creatives, tastemakers and influencers of New York City that we’ve seeded. Our   seeding initiatives have in turn created conversations that will continue to generate media coverage on the brand.

"People Footwear™ accelerates feet first into the future with this time travelling retrospective. Narrated by our robotic guide, the video presents never before seen footage of People’s most groundbreaking accomplishments, from being named the most comfortable shoe on Earth, to being the first casual shoe on Mars. Throughout this tour of events, one thing seems clear: People’s redefining of classic casual footwear has already changed the future."