Sir Hardy Amies is a fashion icon; a designer best known for pushing the boundaries of what fashion was, the way it could be presented and what it could become. Hardy made fashion history in 1961 by staging the first men’s ready- to-wear catwalk show. The runway show was a pioneering effort on many levels as it was the first time that music was played, and that a designer accompanied the models on the catwalk. Hardy’s creative spirit and versatility, as a designer is evident in the various projects he undertook. Although he served as official dressmaker to Queen Elizabeth II for more than 40 years, he was never short of other commissions. Over the course of his life he tailored the suits for the England 1966 World Cup winning team, the 1972 British Olympic squad, and even created the visionary costumes for Stanley Kubrick’s film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

For the North American launch of Hardy Amies, VOCAL was engaged to plan and execute all PR and brand communications, initially through a series of exclusive sell-ins to a a shortlist of key media outlets, followed by a nation-wide program of news and product placements in mainstream publications. VOCAL was also enlisted to curate a selection of key influentials to act as pre-sale brand ambassadors around the country.