Farmhouse Restaurant


NEW YORK, NY – The long-time collaborators behind the subterranean speakeasy Chloe81 and above-ground oyster bar Chloe81 Blue are set to widen their stylish imprint on the Lower East Side with Farmhouse, a rustic, New American bistro, at 81 Ludlow Street.

The South-of-Delancey Lower East Side scene has changed over the past decade since Chloe established itself and the team felt the need to bring a more back-to-basics approach to the dining environment. When you taste a dish you should be able to distinguish each component ingredient. They should work together however, but they shouldn't lose or obfuscate one another.  The scene here has been getting quite... specific, or overly “unique.” Food is food, period. It's evolved with us but we felt the urban food scene did get overly complicated... it's time to return to being mature and tasteful. We want you to taste each ingredient again.

We created a welcoming space, with around 60 seats, some spread out and some close to other. Black-on-cream-toned wooden walls and long communal tables carved from a variety of different woods create a cozy backdrop while guests enjoy premium constructed cocktails with warm inviting pastas, sandwiches, fishes and meats from the kitchen headed by chef Sebastian Maczko.

Our cocktails also allow one to imbibe on mature drinks made from rye, bourbon, gin and mezcal bases. Let our Boulevardier (with a dash of  isotonic saline solution to format the Campari to our palette) ease you into your seat as you wait for a meaty pasta dish. If your feeling in the revolutionary mood ask for a 1794 and give the forefathers a run for their whiskey tax just as the rebellious Pennsylvanians did to our first President. Feeling more for a shaken citrus cocktail? Then ask our skilled bartenders for a Last Word, that Detroit-based 1920s lime and gin drink culled for the post-workout dinner start in all of us.

Farmhouse has created an accessible, eater-friendly menu including fresh pastas, home-made meatloaf and refreshing salads which will be complimented by daily specials.

Also not to be missed is the 12-seat bar, with its bespoke nickel-alloy bartop – perfect for a pre-dinner sip or for dining from the full menu.

Farmhouse, located at 81 Ludlow Street, serves lunch Monday – Friday 11–4; brunch between 11–4; and  dinner Sunday – Thursday 5–11 and on Fridays and Saturdays from 5–12.