Empire & Branch

Empire and Branch: a brand-building collective masterfully unifying creativity and enterprise in the United States.  E&B is the ideal way for a brand to maintain their integrity while entering one of the largest and most complex markets in the world, striving for profitability and sustainability, while significantly minimizing risk.

Empire & Branch consists of four equal partners bringing a combined 25 years of industry experience and knowledge. Working on a corporate level, E&B executes all necessary business channels for any brand brave enough to enter into the US market – from branding, marketing, PR, wholesale, retail, and e-commerce, through to warehousing and logistics solutions.

Empire & Branch’s business model leverages the creation of a LLC joint venture with each brand.  In doing so, E&B can comprehensively develop each brand from every aspect, as they truly become that brand in every facet.  A strategic business case is developed and implemented from a bottom-up approach in order to achieve realistic and profitable goals. The joint venture lasts for five years, after which the parent company repurchases the E&B 50% holding in the LLC. The brand will then, in turn, have a sustainable business from which to grow in the US.