Chloe81 Blue


Chole81 has been a favorite for anyone seeking a late-night drink amongst the connected New York scene since its doors opened in 2008. In early September of 2014, the beloved basement cocktail bar unveiled Chloe81 Blue – a Parisian bistro-inspired seafood restaurant. Sitting directly upstairs, Blue boasts an immaculately handcrafted interior, antisanal cocktails, fresh oysters and live jazz.

For the opening night of Chloe81 Blue, VOCAL hosted an exclusive night of live 1930's jazz by the Alex Simon Quartet, and eclectic DJ sets from legends Queen Majesty, Justine D, and LCD SoundSystem's Nancy Whang. With a guest list comprised of some of the neighborhood’s most intriguing creative, designers, editors and entrepreneurs, the Chloe81 Blue opening party set the scene or the social scene it has become.