Thank You 2018 #7 by VOCAL

We have finally reached the final day of our Top Moments of 2018 countdown - which brings us to Bloom: Open Space. On February 21st at Trafo House in Amsterdam, musician and artist Brian Eno and collaborator Peter Chilvers presented their work Bloom: Open Space, a groundbreaking generative audio-visual installation based upon their highly acclaimed, award winning app, Bloom. The mixed reality installation, enabled by Microsoft HoloLens, blurred the lines between the physical and virtual, exploring uncharted territory in the realm of generative art. Guests stepped into a central zone surrounded by screens, where they could physically experience Bloom - tapping the air around them to create elaborate patterns and unique melodies with the simplest gestures.

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Thank you 2018 #3 by VOCAL

Countdown day 3! Did you get the chance to check out Unmoored in Times Square this summer? On July 11th, Mel Chin’s collaboration with Microsoft went live and featured a riveting depiction of Times Square underwater via Hololens mixed reality technology. This piece was aimed to raise awareness about the dangers of global warming, depicting a world where climate change has gone unchecked. We loved collaborating with Microsoft on this inspiring and stunning project.

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#SelfCare now for all operating systems, including your own. by VOCAL

Just six weeks after its immensely successful launch for iPhone that placed it in the Top 50 free games in the App Store, today #SelfCare hits the Google Play store for Android devices. Developed by the team at TRU LUV, #SelfCare’s playful innovations to digitally engage and personally disconnect are changing the game of mindfulness.

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